All Things New…

If I had to sum up life as we now know it in one word, the only one that truly fits is NEW. New experiences. New family taking shape. New roles in ministry. New emotions. New challenges. New fears. New everything.

New is scary. New means unknown. New means change. “Off with the old, on with the new”, you’ve heard it said. And so…new must mean, above all else, letting go of the past and opening yourself up to the future.

The future is scary. The future is unknown. The future means change. And I thank God for that. Even though change can make us apprehensive or even anxious, I am learning to welcome change. Change means making room for something better. Change means being stretched. Change can be hard and exhausting and painful…but oh so beautiful.

Praise God for making me new in so many ways. I’m so thankful I’m not who I used to be…ten years ago, ten months ago, ten days ago.

Praise God that new means allowing us the privilege to minister to people in deeper ways. New means reaching out and meeting more people and serving more often. New means watching my husband grow as a man, a leader, a teacher, a disciple, a disciple-maker.

Praise God that making all things new means creating a family in a unique way. New is taking a Mommy and Daddy with empty arms and love to share, and bringing them to a six year old boy full of kindness and sweetness and silliness, and the funniest little four year old fireball girl I’ve ever met.

Praise God that life is about to explode in a million new ways, with sleepless nights and parent-teacher conferences and wiping noses.

About a month ago, I was visiting our children in the state in which they currently reside, and our future son came running into the kitchen where I was talking with his foster mother. “Mommy!” he exclaimed. I patiently looked at his foster mom as she answered him. “Oh sorry! I was talking to my new mommy,” he explained.  She smiled at me with a knowing look in her eyes, and I, the new mommy, ran off with my new son. And I marveled that my life would never be the same again.

New life. New family. New forever. Praise God for new.


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